Development Prospect of Application of Flexible Cast Iron Drainage Pipe Industry in China


The flexible cast iron drain pipe hasdeveloped rapidly under the strong support of the China Urban Water SupplyAssociation. The main performance and technical parameters are dense, smoothsurface, uniform wall thickness, dimensional stability and high productionefficiency. After nearly 20 years of practice, its safety, Practicality hasbeen widely recognized by the water supply industry. In recent years, flexiblecast iron drains have replaced other water supply pipes and become thepreferred pipe for urban water supply. Flexible cast iron drain pipe has itsexcellent characteristics and is not available in other water supply pipes.Therefore, flexible cast iron drain pipe has broad development prospects inChina.

Flexible cast iron drain pipe is theproduction mode adopted by most enterprises; continuous cast straight pipe hassome unique advantages compared with other metal pipe and plastic pipe, and hasgood shock absorption and noise reduction. The flexible cast iron drain pipehas high strength, low noise, long service life, flame retardant fireproof,flexible earthquake resistance, no secondary pollution, renewable recycling andso on. The flexible cast iron drain pipe is in a state of no filling andgravity flow, and noise generated by friction, impact and vibration isinevitable.

The characteristics of flexible cast irondrains in industrial applications are mainly:

1. Anti-theft in the application of flexiblecast iron drain pipe industry: The synthetic material has no recycling valueand is naturally anti-theft; and it has a locking structure to realize thesecurity of the property in the well.

2, and the flexible cast iron drain pipe isused for the beauty of life water supply. The surface pattern of the inspectionmanhole cover is exquisitely designed, with low noise, high strength and longservice life. It can be made into various colors to beautify the urbanenvironment.

3. Flexible cast iron drain pipe is lightin weight: the weight of the product is only about one-third of that of castiron, which is convenient for transportation, installation and repair, whichgreatly reduces the labor intensity.

4. The corrosion-resistant flexible castiron drain pipe in industrial application has obvious acid and alkaliresistance and corrosion resistance, and the anti-aging index reaches Grade IIIand above, and the service life is longer.

Graphitein a cast iron drain of a flexible cast iron drains the vibrational energy,prevents the transmission of vibrational energy between the grains, andconverts the vibrational energy into heat. Its special performance will berecognized by more demanders.