Advantages of heavy duty ductile iron manhole covers


The most common thing in our life is the manhole cover. The current manhole cover is no longer as vulnerable as it used to be. It can not only withstand large cars, but also has anti-rust treatment, and the appearance is also very beautiful. Then let me briefly introduce what is a heavy duty ductile iron manhole cover.

Heavy-duty ductile iron manhole cover experimental load 400KN, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, toughness, long life, high bearing capacity, not easy to deform, good safety.

Heavy duty ductile iron manhole cover features: "Long life" can be used for more than 50 years, "high bearing capacity" bearing capacity far exceeds other types of products, bearing pressure, anti-fracture, vehicle falling and other safety accidents, anti-theft, anti-skid, anti-skip cover, Aesthetic and other characteristics

Ductile iron is a very popular material nowadays. It is obtained by spheroidizing and inoculation to obtain spheroidal graphite, which improves and improves the mechanical properties of cast iron. The ductile iron manhole cover is one of the products of ductile iron. It is very durable and very Cheap. At present, it is generally divided into a circle and a square, has a strong tolerance, and has a strong toughness. You may find that the round manhole cover is more common in our lives, because the round manhole cover is not easy to tilt, which not only protects the passing people, but also can withstand the pressure of the car, very safe.